Problems CD-A on W2K with Plexwriter

wbe wrote on 9/9/2001, 3:31 AM

I use Soundforge 4.5 with CD Architect on Windows 2000 with a Plextor PX-R412C SCSI writer.
I've used it on Windows 98, but now when I installed Windows 2000, CD Architect will not recoginze my Plex Writer

I've tried in advanced options for SCSI MMC compatible, but it says always on SCSI-CDR: 'No device'!

Please help.

Thank you very much.


SonicJon wrote on 9/12/2001, 9:47 AM
A couple things to try.

First make sure that you are logged on as an administrator.

The second is download and install CD Architect 4.0g

If these things do not help please email technical support
titobello wrote on 3/10/2002, 4:36 PM
i ve the same problem with my teac writer.
Im under version 4.0g.
pls help me
MBerger wrote on 3/14/2002, 8:51 AM
CD-Architect will only be able to use drives that are on it's supported device list located at If the drive is not located on this list, we can not guarantee it to work with the software. Make sure you are using the latest version of CD-Architect from as stated before by SonicJon and that you have updated your firmware for the CD-Burner. Even for newer CD-R drives, there may be a Firmware update available from the Manufacturer's website. One work around that we offer would be to open CD-Architect, and choose Options/Select Drive. Under this menu, hit Advanced and in the First pull down menu, choose "ATAPI MMC Compatible" for an IDE CD_R Drive or "SCSI MMC Compatible" for a SCSI CD-R Drive. Then under the Second pull down menu, choose the first item listed. Finally in the Third pull down menu, choose your drive. If your drive is not listed, repeat steps Two and Three until you see your drive. Once you have selected your drive, try burning audio. If it works, you may need to do this every time you would like to use CD-A, if it does not, you are unable to use your drive with the software.