Problems with rendering a VEG file


Gabriel-Balinisteanu wrote on 3/30/2023, 11:47 AM


#3Point : I tried your hint but the VEG file cannot be converted into H264 (Mp4) unfortunately.

The conversion process fails at the start, nether other subesequent formats like mpeg.


Indeed a Vegas VEG cannot be converted by another software, only by Vegas itself.

What I meant, is that you partially render your 5 minute project with Vegas in three portions of H.264 mp4 (2min, 2min and 1 min). This three mp4 than can be glued/merged together with Shutter Encoder into ONE 5min mp4.

Hello #3Point, I tried your hint, i trimmed into equal portions the entire video, but i tested the smallest one which contains 1min17milisec and nether this cannot be converted, which is less than 2min, i will buy one month subscription when I will take the payment from the job. It is a really headache with this stupid exclusively software.

Thanks anyway for your support.