Problems with subtitles: them don't keep space between lines

Koening wrote on 4/4/2023, 1:50 AM

I apologize for my bad English, I hope to explain as best I can.

I have made a DVD that works perfectly on PC and Mac. I tried it with player app of a Mac and with VLC on PC and Mac. All is ok!

As soon as I insert it on my LG desktop player I get a strange behavior of the movie subtitles.
It happens that between each line there is no "gap," but the subtitles appear as if without timing, all attached.

For example:

"Charlie told me that..."
"...I know, he said the usual things."

In the film these lines, between them, have a "visual" break. First the first subtitle appears, pause (i.e. blank without text), then after a while the second line appears. There, in the player, the two lines are attached. There is no blank space between the first and second.

This would not be a big problem if there is intense dialogue between two characters. But when you go from one scene to another, like from night to day, and several images are running on the film, the last line remains printed on the screen until someone else speaks. Which is absurd...

On the other player, the portable one from Panasonic, this does not happen. There's another problem there, which is that you don't activate the subtitles from the menu I made, but you have to "force" from the player's menu to make them appear (and then they appear and work correctly).

But I was interested in understanding why on the LG player (the desktop one, which is then also a bluray) this anomaly happens, and I repeat, any commercial dvd I have compared (including bluray), never a problem...

Is it a compilation error of DVDA? Is it a burning problem? Is there a possibility of having the DVD compiled to a past standard? That is, do some sort of downgrade to an earlier version to see if it can compile a more digestible DVD on my player?

Again, any commercial dvd on this player will work without problem.

Has anyone experienced this anomaly before and how did they eventually solve it? Do you have any suggestions for me to try to solve it? Thanks


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