Problems with UAD plugins and Vegas 8.0b

Fordsound wrote on 1/23/2008, 9:30 AM
I'm having constant program freezes, crashes and occasionally playback turns into a very fast audio scrub before having to ctrl-alt-delete to get out of the program when running a few UAD plugins. It's seems to handle plug-in ok but when I start adding 2 or more and then mixing in plug-ins from other families, like Izotope- it all goes bad.
I'm running a new Intel core 2 6700@2.66 3.06 GHz, 2.00 GB RAM-
UAD-1, Presonus Firestudio and have no other versions of vegas in this system


ec2 wrote on 1/28/2008, 9:02 PM

I have the Presonus Firestudio Project and it seems to use a lot of the computer resources. I have 4 GB of Ram and upgraded to a firewire card from Texas Instruments. I think key word think that vegas 8.0b along with plug-ins and the firestudio may just be to much for the computer. With that said I think it is more the Firestudio than Vegas 8.0b. I say this as a user of Vegas for 6 years, and a new user of the Presonus Friestudio. I used a E-MU 1820 with no issues. Maybe more my two cents worth than help...
P.S. If you happen to get a Faderport from Presonus be aware that Vegas does not have a driver to allow it to work
Kennymusicman wrote on 1/29/2008, 1:36 AM
I see a lot of people have problems with UAD in so many apps - makes me wonder if it's more of a UAD problem than host?

And the FireStudio.... Never again.
ec2 wrote on 2/18/2008, 5:55 PM
I was reading a few of your posts regarding control units. I am now up and running with my Firestudio Project. It is great to record 8 tracks at once.

When I bought the Firestudio it came with a mail in rebate for a free Faderport. Well it is here but I can not seem to get it running. Any thoughts? Also I saw a Behringer BCF2000 for sale for $100.00 do you think this would work in Vegas 8.0 Pro?

Any help would be great.

drbam wrote on 2/18/2008, 7:50 PM
Unfortunately the Faderport isn't supported by Sony apps. The BCF2000 will work under Mackie emulation pretty well though. There's a white paper on it and also a lot of forum posts that reference it. I'd get the Faderport and sell it to pay for the BCF2000.
ec2 wrote on 2/19/2008, 3:45 PM
Well I bought it. Do you know where to find this white paper you speak of?
ec2 wrote on 2/20/2008, 12:18 PM

I installed ver. v1.1.1.1 and see the device in device manager.

It than asks to install Version 1.10 Firmware (I thought I did)

It goes on to say turn unit off wait a few seconds and turn unit back on.
Unit should read 1.10 to indicate the firmware was installed correctly. My unit reads 1.04?

Although I can get through the next step of putting the unit in global mode U-1. LCD than goes back to the P-1.

Next it states to turn the unit off press and hold the 2nd push button in the top row of buttons (under the channel knobs) and turn the unit back on. The LCD should read NC C (Mackie Control for Cubase)

Mine reads 1.04

Any help would be great,

Kennymusicman wrote on 2/21/2008, 4:15 PM

Assuming you are using the utility to update your firmware? -

Connected through USB? Not via hub? Double checked the PDF in the firmware zip file? (gotta check!)
ec2 wrote on 2/21/2008, 10:40 PM
Thank you. It made me read a little closer and I upgraded the unit.
This is cool..

Thanks again,