Project Overview window

KayAt wrote on 6/3/2014, 5:32 PM
I have done something that changed my Project Overview window and I don't know what it was.
Previously I would add a menu and then add media and it would show as a list under that menu with no other info.

Now when I add my media, is shows up all the way to the left and then has an extra line with (return to last menu). Because I have so much media (sometimes I get all the way to the limit of 99), this would make this window much too long.

Does anyone have any idea where I can change this back? I can't find it in preferences.


Chienworks wrote on 6/3/2014, 9:34 PM
It sounds like you're talking about DVD Architect rather than CD Architect.

With most of Sony Creative Software, if you hold down Ctrl & Shift while starting it up you'll be given the option to reset all options and layouts to the original "factory" defaults. Keep in mind that this will even reset options you changed because you wanted them changed, so you'll have to redo those changes again.
KayAt wrote on 6/4/2014, 11:05 AM
Oh dear, thank you yes I am talking about DVD Architect. Sorry