astar wrote on 8/18/2015, 7:18 PM
I think the reset Vegas to defaults is cntl+shift+click start vegas. This resets Vegas to install defaults. Not sure why your vegas is not saving that default project when the check box is selected, that issue could the issue.
Grazie wrote on 8/18/2015, 9:25 PM
This is starting to sound like a Bug. You are the User, your expectations and actions are counter to what you are getting. I'd call that a Bug. It would need somebody to investigate the possibility that the Menu isn't "correcting" the internal settings for the Default Factory position.

CJB wrote on 8/18/2015, 9:37 PM
I remember 12 had this bug and it was very irritating. I had a work around which was to save a blank project with the settings I wanted. My memory is not so great on this but thought that they fixed the bug in the last version prior to 13. It is definitely fixed in 13.
Grazie wrote on 8/18/2015, 10:07 PM
No Bug then? Thanks for checking dancerchris. Do you either of you have the latest Build?


Grazie wrote on 8/18/2015, 10:14 PM
Just read the White Papers on VP12. This Bug appeared and re-squashed in two separate Builds.


Build 770 Fixed a bug that prevented Vegas from persisting the View transform setting on the Video tab of the Project Properties dialog.

Kinda conclusive.

TheFireball100 wrote on 8/19/2015, 3:42 PM
Wow. Thanks for the info, guys. Great to hear it was fixed in 13. Glad that it wasn't user error. I might upgrade to 13 for that reason when I get the cash.

I actually have Build 770 and still have the bug. :(
Grazie wrote on 8/19/2015, 11:22 PM
Yes. For the present, do try dancerchris work around. From what I've experienced I don't see a solution coming from SCS any time soon now that VP13 is so well on a maturity curve.