ProType Titler Collection Importing? Help!

Neo wrote on 5/3/2019, 5:38 AM

Hello everyone!

I recently reinstalled my system, and installed Vegas Pro 14 again, I now realize my earlier saved presets are missing from the ProType Titler window.
As I put effort into those text animations, I was searching for a way to save them, and import them so I can use them again.
I would like to request some help from the community with this issue as my google searches did not yield results. I have found the corresponding folder for the collections on my old OS partition, but not the files to copy over (if that is how it would work even; I'm guessing Vegas saves my presets in a file somewhere?!)

tl;dr: I would like to get my saved Vegas Pro 14 ProType Titler animations back after a system reinstall, any way possible, without having to recreate them.

Thank you in advance!


j-v wrote on 5/3/2019, 5:47 AM

Normally they are being stored at C:\Users\username\AppData\Roaming\VEGAS\FX Presets\

So I think you have to look there in your old OS partition and copy them to the new one.

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Marco. wrote on 5/3/2019, 5:48 AM

ProType Titler collections are stored as XML files. The path is:

C:\User\<Name>\App Data\Roaming\Vegas\Titler 1.0\Collections\

If you don't have a backup of this folder from where you could copy the XML files I guess there is no other way to restore.