rs170a wrote on 7/3/2011, 6:43 AM
What's on the missing layers?

Steve Mann wrote on 7/3/2011, 8:08 AM
It works here. How are you doing it?
I right-click-drag the PSD file from Windows Explorer, select "across tracks" and it creates a track for every layer.
Derm wrote on 7/3/2011, 8:58 AM
Technically nothing is missing,everything is there but all on one track. The PSD contains background and edited jpegs, fx and so on.
I know some of the fx wont show

Same way you describe Steve
musicvid10 wrote on 7/3/2011, 9:10 AM
Is it possible that "Merge Visible" was used before saving the PSD?
That compiles everything but the background into one layer.
Derm wrote on 7/3/2011, 11:41 AM
Dont recall seeing that setting and I used the save "as layers" when saving.Thanks