PUHLEASE bring back Add-Point to the Volume

Currysteph wrote on 6/7/2005, 4:30 AM
I love CD Arch but I hate the fact that you took away the add-point option on the volume line when crossfading songs.

I have to build my compilation in CD Arch 4 and save and then bring it into CD Arch 5.2 to burn to my new drive.

CD Arch would be perfect for me if for ONLY THIS ONE missing functionality that CD Arch use to have....

please bring it back or tell me how to find it



ForumAdmin wrote on 7/21/2005, 3:44 PM
It's true that CDA 4.0 behavior was a little different, but the feature still exists in CD Architect 5.2.

Basic steps:
1) Insert | Insert/Remove Volume Envelope
2) Right click on the Volume Envelope
3) Add Point

Perhaps there's some confusion between these menu items: View | Show Volume Envelope and Insert | Insert Volume envelope?

The online help covers this nicely.