Put cd tracks in order to burn?

buckaroo wrote on 5/16/2007, 10:02 AM
Finally fed up with Roxio CD creator I have gone back to CD Architect 5.2

Think i shal use this now for burning general music cd's but can someone tel me how to get the basic settings for burning cd's?

I just had a list of tracks numbered 1- 17 and added to the timeline and they all added in the wrong order? i had to go in and re-order each individual one..

Are there general settings so that it always puts a 2 sec gap between tracks (as i thought this seem to disappear at one point) and to put tracks in numerical order so burning is quick?


Geoff_Wood wrote on 5/16/2007, 5:32 PM
Try adding them singly, in the order you want them (just double-click on the file in Media Pool. Or name them alpha-numerically

In Options | Preferences | Editing there is a setting for track gap. default is 2 seconds.

Have you had a quick read through the Help or manual ? It's all there...