SonyDennis wrote on 11/18/2002, 9:36 PM
CD Architect 5.0 does not rely on any of the CDA 4.0 files, they are independent of each other.
VutzDish wrote on 11/20/2002, 7:33 PM
Thanks Dennis. I'm assuming (from reading some of your other posts) that you are one of the Sonic Foundry team and speaking from a position of knowledge. I'm going to also assume that it should be OK to delete CDA 4.0 from my drive and its absence won't alter the performance of CDA 5.0. Thanks again.
themuzic wrote on 11/21/2002, 7:54 AM
You probably already know this but make sure you do an "Uninstall". Just deleting folders could cause problems as Sonic Foundry puts a few folders in the program files folder.

If you uninstall, some folders may still remain but do not hinder anything but a little space.

Just thought it would help.
John_Logan wrote on 11/21/2002, 9:33 AM
I would hang on to cda4 for a while, cda5 is not totally bug free yet.