Question about cache and reuse in a render (green frames)

Wiew wrote on 5/19/2023, 4:34 PM

Ok I don't really know how to explain this
but I'm working on a project.
A 2 hour ballet show

And during the edit I regularly saved (control S) and also rendered parts of the movie to test it
Last night the edit was completely finished and I wanted to do a render of the complete show

And the show of 2h and 20 minutes was rendered at 45 minutes
Great huh!!

But I saw some green flicker appear in the preview when I was rendering

When I opened and checked the rendered file, the green flicker was also in my render.

I restarted the program with control shift (clear all cache) and started the render again.

But now the render suddenly lasted 1.5 hours and there were no more green flickers in the render

Does Vegas use previously buffered rendered footage in a new render ????


StealthStarSwag wrote on 5/21/2023, 8:36 PM

It is a wise idea to permanently delete the old, incomplete/corrupted rendered video file before re-rendering what's in your project. In my prior experience, if the old video file is longer than I intended and I tried to overwrite the file, the newly-rendered file maintains the same length as the old one. For example, if my old rendered video was accidentally 3 minutes and I wanted to trim it down to two minutes, the overwriting video file maintains the same length (3 minutes); I have to delete the old file permanently before the new file renders out at the desired length (2 minutes). I hope this helps!