Questions about sound see movie

Granddadmd wrote on 8/29/2020, 5:33 AM

Dear Forum Freaken,

I'm new to this Forum

Who can help me?

I'm experimenting with VEGAS Post Pro 18

I don't know what I did in the first part of the movie, what do I have to do next time to apply it again,

As far as sound removal is concerned, this is the right way,

and the last bit is going forward and backwards this I discovered on the Forum how it works.

Thanks in advance for the comments



fr0sty wrote on 8/29/2020, 6:27 AM

The way you are deleting the audio seems odd... The best way to delete a clip from the timeline is to highlight it and press the delete key, not drag it to a track below and delete the track.



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Granddadmd wrote on 8/29/2020, 8:40 AM


Dear FrOsty,

Thank you for your reply

But the problem is that I can't unplug image and sound.

If sound is activated and I click Delete is image and sound deleted,

That's not the point, sound just needs to be removed.

Thanks in advance for the comments



Dexcon wrote on 8/29/2020, 8:48 AM

To unlink the audio track from the video (or vice versa), highlight the event (either video or audio) and then hit 'U' (unlink) - or Ctrl-U- and then highlight the audio or video event to delete it. Unlinked, it will not then delete the previously associated audio or video event.

To relink audio with a video event - or any groups of audio or video events for that matter - highlight the video and/or audio events you want to group and hit 'G' (or Ctrl-G). It's all in the user manual via Help.

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Granddadmd wrote on 8/29/2020, 9:00 AM


Dear Dexcon

Thank you for your explanation,

this is the solution,

and rightly my first question of the movie is solved

Thanks in advance for the comments



rraud wrote on 8/29/2020, 10:34 AM

The handy "Ignore grouping" toolbar icon basically does the same thing on a temporally basis.