QuickEnvelope - Roger_74: WinME Error - Sorry!

Grazie wrote on 3/4/2003, 2:17 AM
Roger - Firstly I got a reeeeally long "Boolean" report, lotsa stuff that is beyond me. Then I get - "Error: failed to add envelope point [point may already exsist at that location " Sorry matey. Any ideas on this one? Thinking that there was a clip issue I applied your script to an unadulterated captured DV. I'm PAL here, if that makes any difference - I don't know.

Roger, Johnny Roy points out in the other thread that, "Don't forget to fix the VB file in both LoadValue and SaveValue as well. Both have been tested on my WinME machine and seem to work fine." and not to use XML [who He?] - does this give you a clue? JR also has it running on his WinME machine.

Hope you can see your way to finding a solution. I will add that I've made all the other scripts work: Add MEdia and Remove Added Media; Simple.js; Copy to clipboard and pasted it into MS Photodraw - No problems here. Just the "Quick Envelope" one.




roger_74 wrote on 3/4/2003, 2:32 AM
The first error report i don't know what that could be. But the other error is informing you that you are trying to add a point where there already is one. Are you making a selection on the timeline before you run the script?
Grazie wrote on 3/4/2003, 3:15 AM
Thanks Roger - "Are you making a selection on the timeline before you run the script?" wasn't being slective. I just selected a whole clip - me BAD!

Okay, now I've selected a portion of the clip, I don't get your neat pop variable window, I can just now see a volumne bar to the bottom of the audio window, with the addition of 2 "points". We are getting somewhere!

How can I get the "adjusting window" to appear?

Thanks Roger . . .

roger_74 wrote on 3/4/2003, 3:43 AM
Run QuickEnvelope10_Settings.vb for the settings.
Grazie wrote on 3/4/2003, 3:54 AM
Yahhhhoooooo . . .. You ARE the MAN.

Look - if you need a guinea pig - "I'm your benchmark Numb Nutz" to try it out on! If I can get it, chances are . . .

So everytime I use QE the QE variable for volumne and in/out does not come to the screen automatically - got it!

Roger, thanks you for your patience,

roger_74 wrote on 3/4/2003, 4:31 AM
Glad that it works. :-)

In the next version you will be able to specify if you want the settings to appear each time or not.
Grazie wrote on 3/4/2003, 5:08 AM
Now THAT'S the business! - Roger thanks.

Have you thought of a Velo QE? Hmmmm . .. please . .. .
Ben  wrote on 3/4/2003, 5:18 AM
I'd find the Quick Envelope for audio pan really useful!

Grazie wrote on 3/4/2003, 5:25 AM
Ben - I know it will be useful. Can you be a tad more specific? For my uses I can get in an awful muddle with manually adjusting "points" on the envelope, sooooo . . this will keep things in order. Will the normalize function wipe out the adjustments?