Cheesehole wrote on 8/24/2002, 9:24 PM
QT and WM are good but Real is not because of their willingness to take advantage of their viewers. many others will agree, Real has to change their ways before they'll get my support.

if you are on XP you don't have to install WM because it's included. as for choosing which format to render to? depends on your audience.
salad wrote on 8/25/2002, 8:20 AM
I agree! RealMedia.....Evil! Scares me to even open player. Kept older version cuz RealOne is even scarier. Like the format for 56K modem email attachments, but don't even need it that much anymore thanks to WM and QT.....getting better all the time.

RealMedia company, if you are reading in are are Evil! Hope you sell your codec to a friendly company and close your doors.
Jessariah67 wrote on 8/25/2002, 9:14 AM
I think Real is the better format, but not worth the hassle of explaining to people why something should work in G2 or later, but doesn't (and how to avoid getting hit for 10 bucks a month...)

I offer both RM and WM on my site. I used to be a Real Player fanatic, but I now much prefere Windows Media Player.
woodrose wrote on 8/25/2002, 11:55 AM
Thanks for responding! Real one seem to take over every thing also.