Quirks/Bugs in VV3

danwee wrote on 12/2/2001, 12:29 PM
I've found a few minor quirks/bugs in VV3:-

1. In the Text Media generator, when a large italicized font is selected and the cursor is at the leftmost position, it actually gets drawn outside of the text box. Shouldn't it be clipped?

2. When Rendering over an existing file (using the MC MPEG) you are prompted if you want to overwrite the file and if you answer yes, VV3 will proceed but will balk with an error. If you manually delete the file, it has no problems. Apparently it doesn't know how to overwrite existing files even when you tell it to do so.

3. When rendering portions wil many effects on multiple tracks, the resultant MPEG shows glitches in the video/audio. This occurs with the MC as well as the Ligos codecs although the actual effect is different. I need to test this more to determine exactly what the problem is. So far, in MC, the video seems to get "stuck" or "frozen" for a bit before continuing normally whereas in the Ligos case, the video appears to have skipped some frames.


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