Re-Installing VV3

GaryAshorn wrote on 7/8/2002, 9:33 PM
I have had to rebuild my computer for VV3. Right now an older one has been updated to the latest 3.0C. Now that the faster machine is ready to be used again, do I have to install my original VV3 CD and then put the updated 3.0C on that or can I just install the downloaded 3.0C? I guess the question is how do I handle my serial number and registration for the program and plug ins. Thanks.

Gary Ashorn, PE


seeker wrote on 7/8/2002, 9:52 PM

You can just install the VV3.0c. No need to install the original VV3.0 first. As for the registration questions, I will defer to Sonic Foundry personnel to answer that. I may be wrong about this, but I think it is OK to have Vegas installed on more than one computer just so you only use it on one computer at a time.

Actually, I hope SoFo will address this question as well. I can see how it would be convenient to have a long render going on one computer while you are working on an intensive edit on another computer. I am a NewTek LightWave user, and 3D renders can take many hours or even days to render so it is not unusual for LightWave users to have a networked "render farm". LightWave itself is dongle-protected, so there is no danger that you will use LightWave itself on more than one computer at a time. But the rendering part of LightWave doesn't need a dongle and NewTek doesn't mind if you install that part on multiple computers and they even have a network render manager that breaks up the render job among the available computers of the "render farm."

I foresee a similar need for Vegas Video, where you have a really daunting render job and you want to harness several computers to get it done in a reasonable time.

-- Burton --
GaryAshorn wrote on 7/9/2002, 10:22 AM
thanks Burton,

I suspect I could install VV3.0C and then use the original serial number from my CD. I use VV3 on one computer is all but had to use another over the last few months and Sonic knows I did this. Now that I am ready to go back to the one just looking for the cleanest install and use of the system. Just an AMD850 with Win98SE but works for what I do. My main editing system is the FAST VM/DPR/Plus and use VV3 to do the compositing and video layering I need occasionally for the projects I do. I am still fully all component 4:2:2 editing for my projects. But I like VV3 way better than Premiere for the work I need to use in my projects.

So Sonic, how do you want me to re-install? Thanks.
GaryAshorn wrote on 7/10/2002, 2:56 PM
OK Sonic tech support. Would you mind answering this question on installation? Thanks
Ted_H wrote on 7/10/2002, 4:23 PM
You can install 3.0c and use the serial number that came with the package.

GaryAshorn wrote on 7/10/2002, 7:34 PM
Thanks and with respect to the serial number that came with the package that is the one on the CD package I got with it the 3.0 I got. It will all re-register then with you online and then have to redo the Main Concept and other functions as well I assume. Appreciate it.