re: jittery playback

sonicboom wrote on 8/1/2002, 7:05 PM
ok, sometimes i use track motion
and i notice - only with track motion - that my project will be jittery
i use track motion with picture in picture---split screen, spinning transitions etc
i called sf and they said i should resample the event i use track motion on
also, if it persists i can resample the entire project when i render it
this will take mega-hours no?
thus, i am now going to create and save my veg files to explore this situation more deeply
has anybody had this problem?
and did resampling solve the jittery rendered file?
also, i will render at BEST setting instead of GOOD
thanks inadvance
also, i formated my computer for the hundredth time - at least - so it isn't that


SonyDennis wrote on 8/1/2002, 9:47 PM
Is the source media's "field order" property set correctly? What format is your source footage? What is your render target? What kind of motion are you adding?
sonicboom wrote on 8/1/2002, 10:56 PM
thanks for getting back to me
here are my settings
field order---lower field first
pixel aspect--ntsc-dv
alpha channel-none

advanced video---
deinterlace method--blend fields (should this be none?)
motion blur--none

video tab---dynamic ram -- set at 16 max available 383
show source frame--#1
display at project size--is checked

if i right click the event--playback rate and undersample rate are both #1

i only render to avi files
i use to use good quality render---from now on i will use BEST
and i will try to resample every render
is this a good idea?
thanks for your interest and help
also, while i have you-how to i find if my DMA is enabled?

i use track for spining stills, split screen, picture in picture--or cookie cutter
spinning transitions

SonyDennis wrote on 8/2/2002, 10:14 AM
All those settings are great. Deinterlace method should be blend or interpolate. When you say you render to AVI, do you mean AVI / DV? If DV, make sure it's set to "lower first" and not progressive. Are you slowing down or speeding up the clip? This is the only time Resample needs to be used. If you're just scaling clips using pan/crop or track motion, there should be no change in time-based properties, so you should not see any jitter.

You should be getting really smooth results. Are you using the 3.0c update? There was a bug fixed that could cause jittery output in some cases.

DMA is a hard disk or controller property (depending on OS). Contrl Panel > System > Device Manager.

jetdv wrote on 8/2/2002, 10:36 AM
I have, occasionally, had a clip get a "half frame" off - thereby causing the jittery effect. This is with Quantize to Frames turned ON. Recently, I captured a full hour and 20 minutes, cut out some segments in the first 30 minutes, and left the second half alone. The entire second half was jittery. Turning off Quantize to Frames, I removed a "half frame", turned Quantize to Frames on again, and let the clip reorient to a frame line - the jitters went away. I still have no clue how it got off the half frame.
sonicboom wrote on 8/2/2002, 1:20 PM
my track motion is definitley the culprite
i spin pictures
and right after that it gets jittery
any ideas are welcome
other than--don't use track motion :)
i had perfect 10 minutes---then i added track motion -- then BAMM
the jitters
i used track motion for another video---picture in picture--then BAMM
the jitters
what the heck is going on?
sb--jittery in nj
fuzzzzy wrote on 8/2/2002, 1:25 PM
I have also had problems with Jittery clips..despite all the advice and help.
I have tried all the above that has been mentioned.
The best solution I could find to solve the problem was to delete the section of clip and drop the same scene from the media pool again.
This soved 90% of the problem.
on slow-mo i still get jittery scenes. however not always!!
I have also found that if I print to tape from the timeline it is less jittery than
if I render to avi first and then print the DV avi to tape.

I have spend HOURS.... trying to sort this, with settings like...resample on,interpolate, lower field, quantize ..etc etc.

I believe it to be software related because we installed my friends Avid 3 on my PC and used the same clips and we had a perfect slow-mo.

However I still prefer VV due to it's ease of use.
sonicboom wrote on 8/2/2002, 3:34 PM
i did install the 3.0 C patch
i have rendered many tracks over the past 8 hours--all with BEST render quality
i was rendering with GOOD quality
maybe that was my problem?
only time will tell--but at the moment, all is fine
go figure
lynj wrote on 8/2/2002, 4:33 PM
I have been having this problem with slow motion and it's so frustrating. I tried the resample solution, but when I do that, some of the clips have ghosting, like they are doubled or out of focus. With a program that everybody thinks is so great, why am I having this problem??? Are most of you other guys NOT experiencing this? I haven't even used track motion yet, so I don't know if it will give me the jitters, but I use a lot of slow motion. So far I haven't even been able to satisfactorily complete a project.
fuzzzzy wrote on 8/2/2002, 4:45 PM
Yep I echo that, SF needs to look at that aspect a bit more closely.

It should not be so complicated to get a good slo-mo many tweaks involved!

sonicboom wrote on 8/2/2002, 7:47 PM
i have heard that slo-motion is good only under certain conditions----the camera can NOT move
if the camera moves it will create horrible ghosting effects -- or whatever it is called
that happens to me if i try to use slo-motion when the camera moves
however, i get good slo-motion when the camera is still
also, fuzzzzy, i found that if i print to tape it is slightly LESS jittery too
i forgot to mention that -
lynj wrote on 8/3/2002, 1:03 AM
I don't want to have to limit my creativity by working with a tripod. We use lots of camera movement in shooting our models and music videos. Slo-mo is essential. We have been punch & crunch for years and have done some great work. We have a Supercam & edit through the WJMX-50. We have just gone digital and the computer editing is driving me nuts!! I don't have anything to compare Vegas with other than fooling around with Premier a couple of years ago (an older version) and I hated it.

I truly hope I can get the bugs worked out and use Vegas confidently soon. I wish there was training available. I hate the manual. I put up $50 for the college course textbook with high hopes. So far I'm about half way through that and it's just basic stuff. If there's anybody in the Nashville area who knows this program and would like to give me some one on one training, I'm in the market for that.
sonicboom wrote on 8/3/2002, 8:34 AM
buy the 2 cd-roms from sonic foundry
and but the manual - i think it was $50
and download the pdf sonic foundry manual--363 pages
and definitely read the posts in here
you will pick it up real fast
salad wrote on 8/3/2002, 9:29 PM
What 2 CD's are those SB?
sonicboom wrote on 8/4/2002, 12:00 AM
i bought vegas video in november 2001
i asked Josh how i could learn the program - he knows every answer to every question!!!
he suggested i buy
1) vegas video tutorial---2.0
2) vegas video advanced topics
i did, and it was really helpful
i don't know if they have a cd-rom for vv3
but you could pick up the one for 2.0--the previous version of vegas video
it's pretty much the same
also, sonic foundry sells a manual for like $50
it is really good too--plus there is a cd-rom in there as well
if you get these 3 things--in like 3 days you will have a solid handle on all of the features
good luck

salad wrote on 8/4/2002, 9:11 AM
Thanks SB,
I'm going to look into that!
I went thru the Adobe Premiere: "Classroom in a Book", and I can testify that this is the only way to learn to use all the features, buttons, multiple ways to perform the same task, keyboard shortcuts, etc..... It also then helped me to learn MORE about Vegas.

Josh IS the man! He's replied to a few of my emails.

The $50 Book with CD Rom for Vegas looks good! I think they should drop the price to about $40 and leave out the "FREE" software bundle.

OK, so where does someone go (link / email) to find these 2 CD's?

sonicboom wrote on 8/4/2002, 11:56 AM
call or email SF and ask if they still have them
i figure they must
and since it is outdated--vv2--maybe they will give you a price break
also, even though it is VV2 it applies to vv3
good luck
lynj wrote on 8/6/2002, 7:43 PM
If you guys are talking about the new offering of the classroom text book, I just finished it. Although I think it is good to read it, I'd put a value of about $25. It is very basic and has no solutions for problems like the stutter problem I've been having using slow motion. I also have the manual and find it a pain ( but aren't they all?). Maybe I'm not advanced enough in computer video editing to understand it all. I have most of the basics, but when problems occur, it's no help.

The stutter in the slow motion (as if frames are missing)in the end product after rendering & transferring back to DV tape is unacceptable and unprofessional. The resample solution offered by SF is causing the images to have ghosting. I would appreciate very much the offering of a video or CD or online class on Vegas. I know it's a great program...all the reviews say it is!! Come on SF, when do we get the class?
sonicboom wrote on 8/6/2002, 9:16 PM
read the pdf manual
it will take a few days
and read it while you are at your computer
the $25 manual covers all the basics and is an easy read
the pdf manual is more extensive
when using slo-motion--30% or more, make sure to use resample
also, if your slo-motion has camera movement---you will have ghosts
i asked many people about this and they all said don't use a slo-mo when you move camera
fast motion--yes--you can move the camera
why? i have no idea?
download the pdf manual--
also, maybe try resampling the whole do that when you render
hit the custom button and check resample
other than that--format your computer
good luck
SonyDennis wrote on 8/6/2002, 9:23 PM

I don't understand why you're seeing stuttering when using track motion. Please send the .veg file to and we'll take a look at it. Thanks.

Ron Lucas wrote on 8/6/2002, 10:01 PM
I may be way off base here but...

If I fast motion an event, isn't VV just skipping existing frames to makeup what we see? If the project is 29.97fps, and I fast motion an event, I'm still getting 29.97fps, but aren't frames getting skipped to make the clip 'fast motion'?

If I slow motion an event, isn't VV stretching the length of each frame to create the slow motion effect? So at 29.97fps, less frames from my footage will be shown when I slow things down. Thus, I see why this causes the stutters. Each frame is being displayed & stretched in time without anything in between.

However, if I understand the resample option, VV will have to create new frames in between our original frames to still give a nice 29.97fps smooth motion. If the camera were to move in between some of these frames, and that is where VV had to resample a new frame to keep it smooth, I could see how the ghosting/blur effect would happen.

This is a far out guess on my part, but it's what I think is going on. If so, I'm not sure how VV or any other program could eliminate the ghosting without some nifty programming.

I'm just trying to make sense out of this, so please don't bash me to hard. I do love the smooth slo-mo I get from VV and have also seen the ghosting/blur effect caused when reample is enabled. But overall, I think it is very usable.

SonyDennis wrote on 8/7/2002, 9:28 AM

What you're saying is basically true, but with resampling enabled, Vegas does frame blending and field rendering, so your output should still be pretty smooth. Granted, you can't make more frames where they didn't already exist, but for reasonable levels of speed-up/slow-down, it works great. We're looking into why some people are getting "stuttery" playback.

seeker wrote on 8/8/2002, 4:42 AM

Like several people here, I get a stuttery preview and a stuttery monitor display. However, my rendered AVIs are smooth. (I haven't gotten into MPEGs yet.) I am still rather new at this, so I could have something set up wrong. However, when I went through the "MyTutorial" tutorial, in the early stages when it was just the Talking Head clip and some audio, the preview and monitor were both smooth. Then, as I added more stuff, the preview and monitor got progressively more noticeably stuttery. But the final AVI played smoothly.

My impression is that my system simply doesn't have enough "horsepower" and if I upgraded to a faster CPU and more RAM then my previews would stay smooth longer as I added more stuff to the project. But with "unlimited" tracks, you can probably overload any system. In my opinion, out-of-sync audio and choppy video playback are symptoms of an underpowered computer or an overloaded computer. My system is a 401 MHz AMD-K6 3D+ with 256 MB RAM, a 19GB C-drive and a 25.3GB second drive with four nearly equal partitions (D, E, F, and G.) That leaves me quite a lot of room for improvement, hardware-wise.

I think Vegas Video does a good job of being "hardware agnostic" and I like that. Some software, like Apple's Final Cut Pro, takes an "all or nothing" approach, and won't run at all on less capable systems. I am glad that Vegas doesn't do that.

I may be able to help my previews some by temporarily shutting down some of my background tasks like, for example, my AntiVirus monitor and my network connection. [My wife's computer and mine are on a LAN.] But in the meantime I am continuing without a lot of concern about imperfections in my previews as long as the renders turn out OK. And someday I will upgrade my computer and Vegas will probably reward me for doing that with better preview performance.

-- Burton --
markrad wrote on 8/8/2002, 10:40 PM
Sonic Boom mentioned problems when doing slow motion from a "hand-held" shot (flickeriing etc) I have posted my first, short video (All Star girls soccer)to show the results I got with slow motion using no tripod.
I would appreciate any and all feedback at the chienwork website!
SonyDennis wrote on 8/9/2002, 11:16 AM
That clip (which starts around :48 in the video) shows how smooth velocity changes can be, and even in reverse. The key is the "resample" switch.