Read burned in timecode and automatically edit?

Lyris wrote on 8/10/2012, 1:40 PM
Here's my situation:

I have 2 hours of footage in a Vegas timeline (A) which I exported as a low-res file with a burned-in timecode visible (B).

Someone else took this (B) file, and chopped it into a 5-minute edit in another NLE.

They exported the result as another single low-res file (C).

Is there any way of hooking each edit back up to the high-res originals? Can I have Vegas (or any other outside program, or even another NLE) read the timecode graphics and chop things up for me? Or do I have to go through the original file and piece everything back together manually?


Former user wrote on 8/10/2012, 1:47 PM
Nothing will read the burned in code. You will need the EDL, XML or AAF from the editor to transfer to another NLE. Vegas MAY be able to read them, but I wouldn't count on it. Vegas does not play well with others.

Dave T2
Lyris wrote on 8/10/2012, 2:08 PM
Thought so... am I crazy or do I remember Adobe Premiere being able to do this?

Edit: yes, I was right - during the capture from tape stage - but it seems that this useful feature has been deemed unnecessary. Dammit...
videoITguy wrote on 8/10/2012, 2:16 PM
Your VegasPro doesn't actually activate functions of edit on timecode while on the timeline - hence as others suggest- you can not cut on timecode in another NLE and bring associated editing into VegasPro.

Same is true of the reverse - an edit on timeline in VegasPro can do nothing for another NLE with one exception - it can create a simple EDL list with cuts-only editing. Problem is, this is not an industry standard EDL and must be massaged by programming to translate and EDL from one type to another. Various people have tried to do it but have generally given up as a task not worth it.

What VegasPro NLE can do is proxy editing with Gearshift and other proxy scripts - that is take a timecode burn low res file, and interchange it with originals for final render - all handling on the Vegas timeline - but this is not dependent on the timecode of the file.
Former user wrote on 8/10/2012, 5:34 PM
I have successfully exported an EDL that was used by a Final Cut Pro editor. Several things to be aware of.

You have to be sure and give your videos a REEL name.
We had to run it through Avid EDL Manager to clean it up for Mac
You can have only one video track on the timline at a time, so if you have mutltiple tracks, you have to create multiple EDLs.

The EDL did carry dissolves and speed changes, but other effects were disregarded, which is normal because an EDL is just that, an Edit Decision List, not an effects list.

So it can be done, but the Avid EDL manager is the key.

Dave T2