Reading problems in Video Preview window

Videojohn wrote on 1/25/2008, 3:03 AM

I can't read properly my timeline. The picture in the preview window stops moving and after 1 or 2 seconds it continues (it's like a jump!). But the cursor continue runing as well as the sound. It is only the picture that stop.

And this happens even when I use the oprion "Draft full" in the preview window.

The "display" inthe preview window and in fact it shows 25 fps but when the jump occurs it goes down. It even goes down sometimes (to around 23 fps) but without jumping.

This phenomenon only started recently and I did not make any change in the hardware configuration.

How to solve this problem?

Thank you


johnmeyer wrote on 1/25/2008, 8:46 AM
I have seen this when playing video from external USB drives. Is the drive that contains the video internal or external? If external, is it connected via USB or Firewire? Or is it on the network? If internal, is it IDE or SATA? If internal, Windows has a nasty habit of switching off DMA for IDE drives and not telling you. Once that happens, you will drop frames when capturing, and get start/stop playback, like you describe. The cure for playback stopping on external capture is to make sure that the USB patches have been applied to Windows. If you have automatic updates turned on, then you'll have them by now. If you turn off automatic updates (which I recommend), then you'll have to download and install them yourself.

Background processes can also cause this. Make sure you turn off indexing. Also, there are all sorts of processes that like to "wake up" and take over your machine. Indexing is one of them, but some anti-virus programs (most notably Symantec/Norton) can be pretty obtrusive as well. If you have that program installed, try disabling the real-time scanning.

I have personally experienced exactly what you describe when playing back video on external USB 2.0 drives.
Videojohn wrote on 1/28/2008, 7:06 AM
Dear John,
Thank you for your response.
The footage I am reading is on an internal disk IDE. The anti virus that I am using is Kaspersky 6.0. So I don't really understand what is happening; and as I told you I did not change any hardware configuration. Nad some month ago everything was fine!
Do you think it can be the disjk itself?
Thanks. VideoJohn
RNLVideo wrote on 1/28/2008, 7:22 AM
I see this occasionally - not sure what the common denominator is, as it has happened on both internal & external disks.

Fortunately, for me, the fix has always been to close Vegas & restart it. Can't remember that not solving it.... to me it just seemed like a Windowsism and I moved on. YMMV.

Videojohn wrote on 1/30/2008, 12:43 AM
Ok... Thanks. I will try and hpe it will work! But if any have another explanation or way to fix the problem, please help me caus' it's very annoying to edit with constant cut!
Thank you. Videojohn
farss wrote on 1/30/2008, 1:02 AM
It might be a disk on it's last legs. Windows makes heroic efforts to read the data and slows to a crawl serving it up.
Is the disk light hard on?
If the disk looks like it's working hard but not much is really happening that seems to be a symptom of a disk on its way out.

Videojohn wrote on 2/1/2008, 5:00 AM
Hi Bob,
Thaks for the response.
What do youn mean by "Is the disk light hard on?". Note that the footage I'm talking about is on an internal disk. Is it possible to check the status/health of a disk?