Ready to get back into Vegas, if... 4K - 24p

Terje wrote on 8/25/2014, 1:51 AM
So, the past few years as an old Vegas user has not been all that fun for me (others have been more lucky I guess). I had so many problems with Vegas that I stopped using it and used Premiere Pro instead. PP is a fantastic editor and I have never had any serious problems with it except for the odd crash here and there. Nothing major.

I do not care for the way PP works though. Even now, with a good bit of PP experience, I feel I am much more productive in Vegas. Also, since 13, indications are that it will work for me, not against me. So I want back in I think. There is only one problem. My cam is a Panasonic GH4, and I want to shoot 4K 24p, which is a problem. It is a problem with work-arounds though, so that is my question.

What work-around is the best for editing Panasonic 4K 24p video in Vegas? Cineform? Other good intermediates?

I would love to hear some detail about a work-flow that someone have found to work. I guess that goes for experience with 24p footage from the GH3 as well, since I understand that is having some of the same problems.


wwjd wrote on 8/25/2014, 8:24 AM
I'm editing GH4 footage in Vegas 11 and 13, and the only problem is all the VIDEO clips show up at 4 times the length on the timeline, stuck repeating the final frame in each clip. I think someone made a script to fix those, but I just do it manually. Otherwise editing seems pretty normal, but I bought a power machine to edit 4k. I think Vegas has an auto proxy making option if speed/power is an issue. And now I am set using MP4 clips from the camera instead of MOV, just to avoid apple non-sense where possible. Oh, and I shot almost exclusively 4096 24p, but plan to mess with UHD and higher frame rates here and there.
What sort of problems are you having?