Recommendations on microphone

Dach wrote on 9/16/2004, 5:42 AM
VV Users,

I know this in not the ideal forum to get suggestions on subjects outside of Vegas, but lets admit it.... its a good forum with good participants.

I am in the process of purchasing quality audio equipment to record voice over narrations. Having not bought one before, what is a good / recommended microphone to get the job done.

The recording environment is not fancy and does not compare at all to a recording studio. Most likely the talent and the recording equipment will be in the same room. (using strictly a digital format.)




Spot|DSE wrote on 9/16/2004, 7:46 AM
What is your budget? There are a lot of mics, but budget is a huge consideration. Male or female V/O? Big voice, small voice?
logiquem wrote on 9/16/2004, 8:18 AM
Large diaphragm models are really the best for general voice recording (RODE NT1,NT2 are my faves, cause they have a very pleasant tone quality and no excessive sibilance on thin females voices).

Maybe a Behringer B1 *could* do the trick if you are really on a small budget...
Dach wrote on 9/16/2004, 8:21 AM
As far as a budget I am wanting to stay under $500.00. This is a microphone that will only be used for three to four projects a year.

cosmo wrote on 9/16/2004, 8:37 AM
I use an Audio Technica 3035 condenser and I like it a lot. It was cheap too. A quick search at brought back lots of good options under $500. Shure, AKG, AT, RODE, take your pick. Someone mentioned liking RODE for V/O. Got one there for under $500. I'd stay away from Behringer though...not worth the hassle should you get a lemon.
Lawrence_S wrote on 9/16/2004, 10:22 PM
I use an AUDIX C-111 for narrations and voice-overs. It sounds amazing.

jyoung50 wrote on 9/16/2004, 11:19 PM
The Rode NT1 is great value and does excellent sounding voice recordings.
Dach wrote on 9/17/2004, 6:12 AM
Thanks for the recommendations I now have a number to review and choose from.

farss wrote on 9/17/2004, 6:31 AM
I've got the Rode NT1A, sounds damn fine to me and for the price was excellent value. I'm suspecting, and I don't have that much experience, that the environment and the quality of the voice itself is probably going to have about as much influence on the 'sound' as the mic. Although I did start recording VOs with a fairly good Sennhieser dynamic and the difference between that and the NT1A is pretty dramatic.

Jsnkc wrote on 9/17/2004, 9:24 AM
The Sure SM7a is a great mic for voice overs, it's used at tons of radio stations all over the country and gives great sound quality. I think the SM7a is now discontined so I thonk you'll have to go with the SM7b.