Recompress video on each save?

edna6284 wrote on 2/12/2002, 2:24 PM

Hi there,
I'm considering VV for video work, but I need to know: Will the video be recompressed each time I save a project? (not render, simply save)

If so, are there workarounds, such as keeping the original copy of video untouched until all the editing is decided, then replacing the media with the original versions?

Also, what would other programs like Premiere do in these situations?

Thank you


fosko wrote on 2/12/2002, 2:44 PM
The great thing about Vegas (in my opinion) is that it does not change your original files ( Audio or Video)

To put it in simplest terms . . the way I understnad it . . it takes your original sound or video file , referneces it, and records 'changes' to it, So if you cut it, splice it, add reverb, or slow motion it's just those 'changes' that are recorded in refenrece to the original file. So your original video is untouched.

When you render or'save as' you create a NEW version of that video/audio flle with those 'changes'.

Anyone else me feel free to correct me if I'm wrong.