Record back problems with Sony Camcorder and computer

fltjm2 wrote on 4/7/2001, 10:03 AM
Hope maybe someone can give me some tips. I'm able capture
digital video from a new Sony Digital8 camcorder to my Sony
Vaio computer with no problem. I do notice that when the
capture software opens up, it's recognizing the camera as a
Microsoft DV device. When I try to put something back to
tape from the computer, I get an error message
stating "Invalid device specified". It will do it if I
turn the camera on first, load the software first, etc. I
enjoy the interface of the VideoFactory, but if I'm unable
to put anything back to tape, the software is sort of
worthless. Any help, greatly appreciated.


lathropj wrote on 4/7/2001, 9:41 PM

I was having similiar problems trying to record to my Sony
TRV520, but I found a couple vital clues in this forum that
fixed them. I think I got past the error message you're
getting rendering to "NTSC DV" avi format instead of
the "Default" format. This apparently degrades quality a
little, but you have to do it if you want to add titles or
other special effects. I also downloaded the Video Capture
2.0e update from the Sonic Foundry website, and DirectX 8.0
and DV updater from Microsoft. I don't know if that helped
or not, but I figured it couldn't hurt.

Once I got past that problem, I wasn't able to record to my
camcorder. I'd get a second or so of video footage here
and there intermixed with blank screens or static. I fixed
that by enabling DMA on my hard drive (there's a long
thread of messages on this forum that contains instructions
on how to do this--see the 3/14/01 messaged
titled "printing to tape problems").

Hope this helps... I'm a novice at this whole thing, but
I'm a much happier novice now that I can record!

fltjm2 wrote on 4/9/2001, 11:00 AM
Thanks for the info Jeff. I have a way to record back now,
albeit a bit round about. I found that if I render the
project and Video Factory and save, I can open it up using
the MovieShaker program that comes on my Sony Vaio. Once I
open it in there, I have to produce(render) again, but I
can then use the Sony DV gate that also came with the
computer to put it back to the camera without a snag.
Halelujah! Sorry that I can't do it direct with
VideoFactory software. Have tried contacting
Sonic Foundry twice through the web, with no response.
Thanks again for you help.
SonyEPM wrote on 4/9/2001, 12:25 PM
You can run our sfsony utility (get it from use SF software for the entire process.

This utility disables both the Sony DV codec and DV gate,
but also allows you to restore those if needed.