Record to Virtual Drive?

DJ sKott wrote on 5/13/2005, 2:12 AM
I rarely need to end up with a physical CD of my work--so my question is: Do any of the Sony Media Software titles allow you to "burn" to a virtual CD drive? Or has anyone figured out a way around this? This ability would also cut down on those CD coasters that are made that were never in fashion.....
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Geoff_Wood wrote on 5/14/2005, 3:30 PM
You can save to a big WAV file, byut then you need to make a cue-list and burn with an external prog that supports cue-lists to be any use.

I have been begging for years for the ability to save as an ISO disc image, or similar, so I can go straight to my Padus DiscJuggler production dupe system without a physical Production Master disc needing to be burned.

This would avoid one set of burning errors, and one set of reading errors, in order to get the DJ image onto HDD. Same for any other serious dupe system.

stolpe wrote on 5/21/2005, 1:55 PM
I totally agree with you and hope that Sony to includes this feature in a updated release soon. Shouldn't be that hard to implement. (Maybe I'm wrong with that?)