Recorded at Wrong Sample Rate

brandondrury1 wrote on 2/18/2006, 11:05 AM
Well I goofed up recently and bumped my Mytek Converter which provides workclock to my audio converters (another Mytek and 2 M-audio Delta 1010s).

Without my knowledge, I recorded an entire record at 48Khz. Unfortunately, the session was labeled as 44.1 in Vegas.

If I open up the files in Sound Forge (with my master clock running at 44.1Khz as I typically do) Soundforge says that the files are 44.1Khz but they play slowly.

I've been told I need to update the headers of all the wav files I've recorded. This would be about 30 files per song and 13 songs.

The tracks are, for all practical purposes, 48Khz files that have been labeled improperly by Vegas.

Is there a quick and easy way of fixing this?

I do not want to resample. I simply want to be able to render down a 24bit, 48KHz wav file that I can send to mastering.


PipelineAudio wrote on 2/18/2006, 11:20 AM
I would put the files in sonic foundry btch converter, put in the resampler plug and choose "set the sample rate only(do not resample"

This happens from time to time around here too
brandondrury1 wrote on 2/18/2006, 12:53 PM
sonic foundry batch converter? Where can I find this? I'm not familiar with it.

The idea here is to use the resampler plugin to only change the header. Is this correct? I assume that I want to change the headers to 48Khz.

Is that all I should have to do?

PipelineAudio wrote on 2/18/2006, 3:58 PM
usually...but computers hate me. cant hurt to try ( make a copy first)
brandondrury1 wrote on 3/1/2006, 12:21 PM
It appears that I'm an idiot. There is something going on bigger than I had orginally thought.

I went ahead and did the batch resample as you suggest. If I open an individual file in Sound Forge it says it's a 48K file. That's a good thing. I set the session to 48K and rendered down a 44.1K file, but it didn't do what I predicted.

I thought if I rendered a 44.1K file down and set my Mytek Converter/master clock to 44.1K it should sound correct. It doesn't. The tempo is off. No matter what sample rate I render to, it only sounds correct when my converter is set to 48K.

I did a backwards experiement just to see. I fired up a tune from another band that I recorded as I usually do at 44.1, 24bit. I had my master clock set to 44.1K and it sounded fine. I rendered down a 48K file. When I open it in Soundforge, it says 48K, but my master clock needs to be set at 44.1 for it to play at the proper speed.

I'm trying to understand how Vegas handles the rendering of files in regard to sample rates, but I'm very confused at this point. It just seams like a 48K file should only play correctly when given a 48K clock just as a 44.1 file should only play correctly when given a 44.1K clock.

Any ideas?