Recording to VCR with analog capture card (rca plugs)

Ochizon wrote on 2/3/2001, 10:39 PM
I have a Pinnacle Studio DC10 plus analog capture card (returned the dazzle), and I can capture
video through Video Factory perfectly. But when it comes time to output the VHS, the VF capture
program doesn't seem to have any communication with the VCR. I've tried rendering as MPEG,
(instead of .avi), but the Capture program just has a general protection fault and shuts down. I already
downloaded the MPEG patch.

Please help! I have a video project due on Monday!!!

Thank you,



patrickm wrote on 2/4/2001, 11:39 AM
after you've created the video (either simply recording it
or editing and rendering it to disk), use the AVI or MPEG
player software that comes with your card instead of using
video factory. play it at full screen with the composite
(RCA) output enabled, and just tape it.

(the software that comes with the card ususally takes
advantage of proprietary acceleration/scaling features that
VF won't be able to, so it does a better job at full screen.
that's definitely the case with ATI boards).