red line on audio track / rec start?

ushere wrote on 10/8/2015, 7:07 AM
just installed 13 on clean install of 10 - just to see what it's like.

all seems to be going ok but:

a. audio track header has vertical red line to left?

c. clips have 'rec start' marked on them?

obviously i'm bewildered and confused as it's been a hassle reinstalling everything so i might well have forgotten the obvious causes of the above.

help gratefully accepted ;-)


Steve Grisetti wrote on 10/8/2015, 7:35 AM
It's difficult to visualize what you're describing. Can you post a screen capture?

It's possible you've armed your track for recording ... but maybe not.
pwppch wrote on 10/8/2015, 1:15 PM
a. audio track header has vertical red line to left?

You have external control enabled and a device set up most likely.

This red line indicates that this track is currently under control of an external control device.

ushere wrote on 10/9/2015, 1:05 AM
interesting, a couple of reboots and both 'anomolies' have disappeared'?

thanks, and if you like to extend your expertise, check my new thread ;-(