bcbarnes wrote on 1/4/2002, 3:59 PM
Pressing "F5" refreshes the explorer windows.
FrankM wrote on 1/4/2002, 4:09 PM
Maybe there's another step involved in VV3?

I tried pressing F5 after rendering a new AVI but I got the message "rebuilding audio peaks." The new AVI file did not appear in the directory in the Explorer tab. It did appear after I closed VV3 and then reopened it.

Any ideas?
wvg wrote on 1/4/2002, 4:48 PM
Under the Explorer tab click on the 2nd icon [folded down top right corner]just right of where the disk volume shows the one with a page like icon and an arrow pointing either way and it will refresh the file list without rebooting. Hover your mouse over the icon for a few seconds and it should read 'refresh' in the pop up balloon.
bcbarnes wrote on 1/4/2002, 5:05 PM
The "F5" is sent to the active window, so you have to click in the explorer window somewhere first, then hit "F5". If the timeline, preview, or some other window was active instead, the "F5" would go to that window.
dvstudio wrote on 1/4/2002, 6:28 PM
Simply "right click" your mouse in the desired window and select "refresh".
FrankM wrote on 1/5/2002, 8:44 AM
Thanks, everyone. That did it.