Registering MPEG

bjtap wrote on 11/29/2001, 6:55 PM
I have tried to register the MPEG but all I get is 'wrong program' when I try to register online. When I try to register from their web site I get 'serial number already registered'. Of course, because all I am seeing is the serial number for the program which is not allowing me to regiester the MPEG. Support has not answered my email so I would appreciate any advice on how to take care of this.


cdeckert wrote on 11/29/2001, 7:04 PM
I am having the same problem. Is this the type of support I should expect?
bjtap wrote on 11/29/2001, 8:36 PM
I hate to start out my posts on these sites with negativity but it appears support is not there. I even sent an email saying I want to update to VV3 but did not get a reply to that either. Perhaps they are very busy. Let's hope for better.
Derekk wrote on 11/29/2001, 9:23 PM
Same here. Drop me a line when you get a fix.


Chienworks wrote on 11/30/2001, 6:37 AM
Right now Sonic Foundry is in the process of switching their MPEG
plugin from Ligos to Main Concept. As of a couple of weeks ago Ligos
licenses are no longer valid, and the Main Concept plugin for Video
Factory isn't ready yet.

Not good. *sigh*

But hang in there. Main Concept is shipping for Vegas now, and it should
be available for Video Factory, Sound Forge, Acid, and all the rest very
soon. Click here for the knowledge base article on this topic:
bjtap wrote on 11/30/2001, 7:31 AM
Thsnks for the information. I went ahead and asked for notification as per the notice.