Registration Problem

pedalist wrote on 6/23/1999, 10:06 AM
Each and every time I boot, my computer has a new Computer ID. So Vegas says get a new registration.
The registration system won't take a new computer ID, insists I use the first one.

So I'm jealous. All of you are getting to try this program and the high level of security is keeping me out. It's
only a beta that expires in 26 days. Open the thing up.


pedalist wrote on 6/26/1999, 5:32 AM

Sonic Foundry was so nice to inform me that this bug was fixed for this Fridays new make of the beta.

In the meantime, I was able to install successfully, by wiping the slate clean. I was able to make a recording successfully on my 166mHz MMX with 64MB laptop using my new WaMi Box PCMIA external sound card.

And I was very impressed. This has been a marathon week of downloading Sed'd and Cakewalk products and evaluating. Sek'd is winning so far. Now I'll get to give Vegas a run through more fully.

My biggest concern now is verifying if I can take advantage ofthe WaMi Boxes' 20bit processing. What's the dithering that Vegas does?