Render fails to finish

aussiemick wrote on 7/22/2002, 5:53 PM
I have a clip less than 2 minutes long which will not complete the render. A message comes up that there is an unknown error that caused the problem.This has happened with both rendering avi. and Mpeg2. The clips don't stop at the same point on the timeline but always near the end. There are 7 tracks with plenty of effects in them but the RAM usage is not excessive as it only uses half of the 512mb available. The tracks are looped from begining to end. It has got me stumped.


Tyler.Durden wrote on 7/23/2002, 1:29 PM
Hi, My apologies if you have tried this already, but it sounds like a space issue:

You might verify that supporting folders you are targeting reside on your media drive(s).

Vegas can default these to your system drive if you do not specify or remove a media drive.

File>Properties>Video - Prerenders Folder
File>Properties>Audio - Recordings Folder
Options>Preferences>General - Temporary files folder

fuzzzzy wrote on 7/23/2002, 2:40 PM
I had a similar problem when printing to tape stopped recording to tape after about 37 minutes on a 56 minute time-line project.

I found out after a bit of searching that there were video clips on top of one another, most probobly during editing i moved or copied some frames by holding the ctrl key.
Once I cleaned them up and deleted them it rendered through.

The point being make sure there are no accidental clips under the video tracks

aussiemick wrote on 7/24/2002, 3:49 AM
Thanks fellas,it was the space issue. I had the files swapping between two drives.Also when rendering mpeg2 there was a frame that seemed to be tripping up the process.After seemingly 10's of renders its all finished. Phew!