Render not in sync?

chudson wrote on 6/30/2010, 7:25 PM
Strange problem. My same test files using AVCHD from Canon HG10 is placed on time line in Vegas. Only about 10 minutes total when all clips are added. The project plays OK in Vegas, sync is fine. However when I export to SonyAVC , about half way through, the video seems to lose frames for a second and then video sync is way off. I have tried rearranging the clips to see if one clip was corrupt or something. Does not seem to matter. Always around 4-5 mins sync gets lost somehow. Any ideas?


dalemccl wrote on 7/1/2010, 6:57 PM
The A/V sync problem with AVCHD rendered to Sony AVC was discussed a while back in the Vegas Movie Studio forum. Not sure whether this applies to Vegas Pro, but the fix that was suggested (and which worked for me) is to run the rendered file through tsmuxerGUI. It runs very fast (doesn't re-render) and somehow corrects the problem. In the tsmuxerGUI interface, add your rendered file, select .m2ts as the output type, designate the output location and click "Start Muxing".

It is freeware:

Might be worth a try.