Render to same file format as source?

frederick-wise wrote on 7/18/2012, 2:46 PM
I was asked to fix a .wmv of a Power Point webinar that had a few typos in it that I was able to correct with new screen captures of the corrected type superimposed over the frames with the typos. But when I render it, a file 2x larger is created and I can't figure out how to render it to a .wmv file and maintain the same size of file even though I set "project settings" to that of the source file. The new larger file is too big to be e-mailed back to the person in my organization who sent it to me and may not play as well on the internet.

I set-up the Vegas 10 project using the "Match Media" settings of the source file. The file video is 1680x1050x24, 29.970 fps. When I render the corrected video, I don't see an option in the "wmv" section for 1680x1050x24 (which, I guess is a custom setting). Unfortunately, I use the 3 mbps setting and end up with a final file that is about twice as big as the original even though the length is exactly the same (about 25 minutes).

Is there a way to get the final render about equal in size and quality as the source material? Thanx for any help.


Chienworks wrote on 7/18/2012, 3:03 PM
Out of everything you've listed, the only setting that matters at all is the "3 mbps". That's the only part that determines the file size. None of the rest of the settings make any difference.

Since your file is about twice the size of the original, the original must have been about 1.5Mbps. Use that bitrate and you'll get a file about the same size as the original. It won't matter if it's 1680x1050 or 320x180 or 4096x2400, or if the frame rate is 50fps or 12 fps. It's only the bitrate that counts.

However, using a 1.5MBps file as the source and rendering that to 1.5MBps is going to look awful. It will be highly compressed twice. What you really need to do is have them send you a much better source file on a disc or USB stick, like something at 25Mbps, and render it back at something similar. Then they can compress it as they see fit after the fixing is done.