Rendered quality mystery

BillyBoy wrote on 2/3/2005, 7:05 PM
This got me stumped...

I've been checking some of the files I rendered in Vegas with a little utility called AVIcodec. (it checks MPEG too) Its main purpose is to identify what CODEC is used but it also gives some other info like the compression, bitrate, etc..

Anyhow, regardless if I check a Vegas rendered project made using either the NTSC DV AVI or DV MPEG template and for sure the slider was all the way to the right, when created this program reports the video at 98%. I've checked twenty so far and they'll all at 98% quality regardless if a AVI or MPEG.

What am I missing? Maybe because the templates are set to a max of 8 Kbps?


John_Cline wrote on 2/3/2005, 8:03 PM
I would be suspect of how AVIcodec is measuring the quality. 98% quality referenced to what? Without the program knowing what the original video looked like before compression, how can it make the comparison?

Also, I believe you meant 8 Mbps, not 8 Kbps. 8 Kbps video would have a quality of around .5%, if that.


B_JM wrote on 2/3/2005, 10:29 PM
John_Cline is right -- basicly ignore that quality report .. for mpeg , the Q level is importaint, but ive seen some pretty high levels that still looked quite good ...