Rendering Audio /Problems with levels!

Addi wrote on 9/20/2000, 5:36 PM
To begin with i have to say that i just love Vegas Video..I
mostly use it for audio and i manage to work very fast with
a combination of your products.

I have encountered a few problems though...

#1 When I render audio the levels are "almost" never the
same as on the meters , not to mention if i use plug_ins on
the master.
When i use plugins on the master it seems to me that the
metering is pre the FX?
The result of this being that i dont trust the mix that i
render even though i can live with the level
difference,this just gives me constant worries if the mix
is affected in other ways then the level..

#2 When i do "Copy to Soundforge" I always get a clipped
audio file?

#3 I very often gets "Ticks" where i use a fade i.e
on the Fadein the tick comes where the fade-in ends and for
the fade-outs the tick come at the start of the fade out.

#4 I am often doing music and sound fx for video and mostly
i use quicktime4 with Sorenson Compression (Developer
Edition) 320x240 or AVI cinepak 25 Frames . The computer is
500Mhz 256Mb RAM, 3 x 7200 RPM harddrives and ATI rage fury
32mb videocard.
The problem I encounter is that the video rarely runs at
the correct frame rate and most of the time it slows down
to 5-6 frames.
A typical project might consist of 20 tracks where most of
it is spot Fx and maybe 7-8 tracks constant audio most of
the audio is loops so there are no long recordings,I might
be using one reverb and one delay.(Timeworks)

And i do run the video from another drive then the audio!

And for a few suggestions ...

#1 (I am sure you have heard this one before)I would really
like a master in a bus where i can route all of
the sub masters and (most importantly) meter the signals!

#2 I would be really nice if there were ways to have more
markers ,,as in if you could have marker groups that you
could mute (in groups) it wouldnt have to be markers that
you could export , more like markers for using in the

For example:
I would like to be able to start marking points in the
video where i need to sync foley (Group1)
and then points for other fx (Group2)

#3 In the trimmer, it would be nice i you could use
functions in Soundforge where you can jump to the start of
your selection as well as having the basic navigation tool
for the trimmer as in Sounforge.

#4 I have often found it very limiting that i cant change
the properties of more then one file at a time ,at the
basic level i often find that i want to change the pitch of
more then one file at a time.

Thats about it....
I would like to emphasize the fact that i do love your
products ,and i do have clients that insist that i work
faster with this setup then a lot of Protools users...


Let There Be Light Inc.


NSYNC_Fan wrote on 9/21/2000, 3:02 AM
I coudn't agree more with Vic. Most music/studio people are not hip
to the "real" benefits of the Internet. Anyway, If you have spent
your money, then use the product and be happy.

But, my thing is, let's get this forum to a point of say Digidesign's
where we post info that actually helps one another and not dwell on
what your spending...Also, alittle more Vegas Audio posts wouldn't
hurt. This the year 2000. You have a choice on what you spend. Go out
and get informed before you buy. I mean really informed. 600-700
dollars isn't chicken feed. I personally have the complete Sonic
Foundry line and for my needs, I couldn't be happier.

Well, thats my 2 cents.

P.S. Anyone want to share mp3 files of current projects for
observation from on another ? Just wondering.