nlamartina wrote on 4/2/2001, 11:50 PM
No, there is currently no workaround for this. The
operating system you're using (lemme guess, Win 9x?)
utilizes FAT32 partitions, which only allow files 4gigs and
smaller. If you want to make files larger than this, you'll
need to upgrade to Win2k, which allows NTFS partitions with
no limits. The only options for you are to:

1. Decrease the quality of your project (like using MPEG
instead of AVI).
2. End clips on fade-to-black transitions for DV print-to-
tape purposes (just pre-roll to add clips one at a time in
4gig segments).
3. Upgrade to Win2k.
4. Wait for Sonic Foundry to release the update that will
provide a workaround for this.

The 4gig limit is a pain, but it's possible to live with.
Surf around the Vegas Family forum to find some tips from
other videographers.

Good luck,
Nick LaMartina