Rendering video for TV

edna6284 wrote on 7/31/2002, 4:07 PM

I'm using Vegas to create a file to export to video. Everything looks great; the only problem is that Vegas doesn't play every frame while running, so I can't just hit 'record' on the video recorder and do it that way.

Is there a common way to do this type of thing? Should I be exporting it as some type of file for NTSC and then play that?



Chienworks wrote on 7/31/2002, 4:19 PM
You don't mention how you're going from the computer to the VCR. Generally you would use the Print to Tape function to output the video through firewire as a DV signal. If you're recording on a DV camera or VCR then you can connect a firewire cable directly to the recorder. If you're recording on an analog VCR you'll need an external DV -> A/V converter such as the Canopus ADVC-100.
edna6284 wrote on 8/1/2002, 7:57 AM
Hi Chienworks,
Aaah....I get it. Now it works perfectly. Thanks.....
Chienworks wrote on 8/1/2002, 8:00 AM
Edna, once again you don't mention how you're going from the computer to the VCR. Please give us specific details. Thanks!
edna6284 wrote on 8/1/2002, 8:09 AM
I'm running through Director's cut (a Firewire/TV interface). It's working out well though...I didn't do the 'print to tape' function and I was concerned about vegas dropping frames while I was previewing it in the working environment.

All is well now!