Repeated software crash

Michal-Swiatczak wrote on 11/26/2021, 11:44 AM

Extra Information

Problem Description
   Application Name:    DVD Architect
   Application Version: Version 7.0 (Build 100)
   Problem:             Unmanaged Exception (0xc0000005)
   Fault Module:        C:\Program Files (x86)\VEGAS\DVD Architect\FileIO Plug-Ins\stl2plg\stl2plg.dll
   Fault Address:       0x64071E20
   Fault Offset:        0x00011E20

Fault Process Details
   Process Path:        C:\Program Files (x86)\VEGAS\DVD Architect\dvdarch70.exe
   Process Version:     Version 7.0 (Build 100)
   Process Description: DVD Architect
   Process Image Date:  2019-02-21 (Thu Feb 21) 03:46:14


This error happens after re-installing. It happens typically when attempting to view a menu file or add a menu file.

Repeats itself when attempting to open the same menu files.

Happens with different menu files, menu file types, across different projects.

It happens all the time, since I purchased this software, and seems to be only getting worse.