Resource Monitor comparison - VP14 vs VP15

Cliff Etzel wrote on 4/25/2018, 11:44 AM

I decided to download the latest trial of Vegas Pro 15 to run a comparison against the last version of VP 14 on my desktop.

Some things I noticed first hand:

  • The native functionality of VP15 is hands down superior to the VisionColor LUT plugin I am using in Vegas Pro 14 - I can play back Full resolution without dropped frames of the exact same project where as I have to drop to half quality for the same playback performance in Vegas Pro 14
  • With my current desktop setup - I see a little more use of my nVidia GTX-660ti gpu compared to Vegas Pro 14 as seen in the images below

  • Loading the same LUT into Vegas Pro 15 did result in that track level glitch mentioned in other threads, and that caused the project to not save correctly when I shut VP15 down - it opened up the auto save and then it seemed to play back without issue with the LUT applied to the track level, not just the clip level.
  • The UI changes in VP15 has me drooling to use it, but not at the expense of stability - VP14 has actually proven to be rock solid at the present time with this current project I'm editing.

My question is wondering do I invest in an AMD card based upon previous threads about timeline performance being better with AMD GPU's or do I hold off upgrading and upgrading to VP15? The last thing I want to do is invest in a graphics card and discover that it is hindered because MAGIX has devoted their resources to using nVidia graphics cards. I'm unsure now which way to go on the graphics card from this point forward. And then there's the whole idea of eventual CPU upgrade - AMD Ryzen 2700X or Intel i8700K? 😕

And last but not least - I'ts been such a joy to edit in Vegas Pro again after struggling with the same project in Premier Pro CS6. And TBH, The same project in Resolve 14/15 Beta - I don't think it's ready for prime time yet as an NLE IMO. That could change but the workflow paradigm of Vegas Pro is really hard to beat - at least in the work I shoot and edit.


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