rotating curved text in 3d space around transparent PNG on lower layer

RedRob-CandlelightProdctns wrote on 8/22/2019, 7:09 PM


I'm having trouble figuring this one out.. hoping y'all can help.

Scenario -- two tracks. I'm simplifying the setup for this example to get to the crux of my question:

  1. Track 1 -- has text "My Curved Title"
  2. Track 2 -- has a mailbox in the middle of the screen, a transparent PNG
  3. I want
    (a) "My Curved Title" to be slightly curved around the Y-axis (into 3d space), and
    (b) The text to be rotate about 15 degrees counterclockwise (z-axis - rotation)
    (c) rotate on the Y-axis (in 3d space) around the mailbox. As the text goes behind the mailbox, it should not be visible.

I got 3b & 3c done real easy by just setting track composites to 3d source alpha, rotating the z-axis on track 1 for (b), moving the text away from center (change the z position and setting a corresponding Z-offset on the rotation) and then keyframing track motion on that same track rotating the Y-axis so it spins around. Easy!

Problem -- to curve the title in towards the center so it appears to be riding flat on the rotation plane. Using BORISFx's "Sphere" does this VERY nicely, but rotating using Vegas's track motion doesn't look proper since it rotates the "spherized" text which Boris has mapped into their own 2d surface. Using Boris's ability Spin the text rotates it PERFECTLY in 3d space, but that ignores the image on the track under it... when the text rotates to the back it covers the graphic instead of going behind it. The "Yellow" part of the text in this image below is rotated around to the back and should be seen behind the dancer graphic (not in front of it as is happening)

I played with custom track composite modes but couldn't make anything work.

Ideas? Help?! How can I make the Boris FX's 3d model play nicely with Vegas's and honor other 3d tracks that have content on them? (or otherwise accomplish what I'm trying to do?)


FayFen wrote on 8/24/2019, 12:16 AM

I don't have vegas pro and I don't know what boris FX you have but your answer should be in boris.

you need to separate your "Curved Title" into two identical vegas tracks but... on one track you should disable front and on the other track disable back. now between those two tracks you should insert the png track.

zdogg wrote on 8/24/2019, 2:07 AM

It seems to me that if you'd want to have any chance of getting this done in Vegas, you would duplicate the track with the rotating 3d text, then create a 'wall' (theoretically) for each, that would share the same z plane position, one would form the rear "wall" of the one track (past which the "back half" would disappear) and the other "wall" would constitute the front boundary of the other, in front of which the text would also disappear (but replaced by track one text). You'd place the figurine dancer in between the two, she would have to be set on an alpha layer transparent background. This is very much a theory, I've never done this.