Running VF on a Gateway PC

FrankM wrote on 4/6/2001, 12:23 PM
Did anyone switch from Videowave to Video Factory on a
Gateway PC? My new 950MZ Gateway with 256MB of RAM and a 30
GB hard disk came with Videowave software preinstalled.
I’d rather switch to VF. However, the VF manual does not
list my IEEE card as a compatible card.

Before I buy VF I’d like to know that someone else has
successfully switched from Videowave to Video Factory. A
phone call to Gateway technical support failed to identify
exactly what IEEE card is in my PC. However, the Systems
Device Manager in Windows ME shows that I am running
a “Texas Instruments OHCI Compliant IEEE 1394 Host

VF Tech Support told me that VF would “run just fine.” I’d
like to be sure, before I take the plunge. Has anyone
successfully switched on a Gateway PC?


GregH wrote on 4/6/2001, 2:08 PM
I also have a Gateway. Only an 850MHz PIII though. What a
difference a day makes.

I use VF with a Pinnacle Studio IEEE 1390 card. It works

I have VideoFactory, Studio DV, VideoWave and VideoStudio
all installed on my system. Each program has it's own
unique features so I use them all from time to time.
Normally I use VF to capture DV and for editing. I use
StudioDV for output to tape since it can output multiple 4
GIG AVIs as a single "make movie". Sadly, VF cannot. Some
of the others can too but SDV doesn't have to "render"
every time you blink. It only renders transitions.

For 99 percent of my work I use VideoFactory. It is the
only LOW COST editing package that allows for cutaways
while keeping a primary sound track without complicated
work arounds. Also, you can zoom and pan on a still
image. If I could only have one, I would buy VideoFactory.

If your Gateway came with the "Go Back" disk protection
enabled you must disable it to be sucessful at sending
video to tape.