Same audio file plays differently in 2 different Vegas projects

cbrillow wrote on 8/18/2022, 7:57 AM

I'm at my wit's end. (And, no, it didn't take long to get here... 😉) I'm doing final adjustments on audio for a DVD project, and wanted to compare levels for 5 different episodes of the TV program that will appear on the disc. Each episode has it's own Vegas (19) project, and I've brought all the audio tracks together into a separate project to examine them. I wanted to do some work on one of them, and clicked on Open in Audio Editor to send it to iZotope RX 9 for some additional cleanup.

While working to further denoise the file, I noticed that a short piece of audio that I had reconstructed to make it more intelligible, was back to it's original form. This would seem to indicate that I imported the wrong version of the file into this new project, so I took a look at the .veg files for both the individual and the audio-check projects. It initially appeared, just by looking at filenames, that I hadn't loaded different versions of the soundtrack. So I dug in a little deeper.

That's where I got totally stumped. Looking at the properties in both Vegas projects, it was apparent that I hadn't erred — this is the exact file, in the same location, in both projects, yet they play back differently in the two projects. Yeah, I know, you think I'm crazy...

Here's a link to a folder with screenshots of the file properties in the two projects and two 10 second clips of how they play back. I'm totally stumped:

I've also imported the file into Vegas 12, and played it with VLC. In each case, it plays the original nonsense pronunciation of the word 'stethoscope'. This very same file was used to output the AC-3 audio for the DVD project and it plays correctly in the Vegas project for that episode and in draft versions of the DVD.

About the only thing I can think of is that maybe I somehow created a 'Take' in the Vegas project that works correctly. I'm just a hack amateur and I don't deal with takes, so it would have been inadvertent if that's what happened.

Can anyone help me make sense of this?








Dexcon wrote on 8/18/2022, 8:15 AM

While working to further denoise the file, I noticed that a short piece of audio that I had reconstructed to make it more intelligible, was back to it's original form

Even though you have added audio FX to the audio event in Vegas Pro, when you send that audio event to your audio editor, it is the original audio event that gets sent to the audio editor without any additional processing being included. I just tested that in VP19 by adding ridiculous stuttering to an audio event and then sending that event to Sound Forge Pro - the original audio track appeared in SFP sans the stuttering FX.

One way of getting around this is to render the Vegas Pro audio event, import the render into RX9 and then export your further processing and import that back into Vegas Pro.

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cbrillow wrote on 8/18/2022, 10:30 AM

I greatly appreciate your quick and helpful response. If we were sitting across from one another, I'd explain in detail how this came about, but neither of us has the time for me to do it in this format!

The short version is, rendering to a new track or file for use in Vegas would resolve the playback issue once-and-for-all, but it isn't necessary to do that to work with it in RX9.

Here's what really happened:

1) To turn 'tessicle' into 'stethoscope', I simply copied the first iteration of stethoscope and chopped it up into syllables and squeezed them together on a second audio track in Vegas. It lived this way for quite a while, but I eventually moved that single word from the second track to a hole created over 'tessicle' in the original track. That allowed me to get rid of the second track, entirely, and plays back and renders to AC3 without having to make sure that I have two tracks selected. (because there's only one!)

2) I agree that opening an event in the external audio editor ignores FX that are on the Vegas timeline. But it's not necessary to render to a file to open it in RX9, then save and import the result in Vegas, as you have suggested, at least for the way I'm using it.

I'm working on each episode with the video and audio tracks on the Vegas timeline, and open the audio as-mentioned in RX. Then I can make a tweak or many tweaks in RX9 and send them back to Vegas to see/hear the result simply by hitting 'Save' in RX, before going back to Vegas, which recognizes that the file has been overwritten and updates when focus is returned to it. It's important to remember that there's only one file open in both Vegas and RX, even if the Vegas timeline has it broken in several places, like I did with this word 'fix'. The original file thus retains its original mispronunciation, but has all the audial improvements performed in RX.

Bottom line, I now fully understand what happened and thank you for your suggestion, and helping me put the pieces together!