Same NVME drive, diff computer, no rendering.

TheSingingDrummer wrote on 8/2/2022, 1:28 AM

I had a nice little computer running (please excuse) Movie Studio 15 platinum. It worked fine for two years.

The motherboard fried so I too the NVME drives out and put them in a new computer. Everything works fine - except when I try to render. Vegas just dies.

The old computer had no graphics card, used an AMD 4750G APU and didn't do too bad at rendering 1080 video.

The new computer has an AMD 5700G, but also has a 3060ti graphics card.

Should I delete the old program and reinstall? Any Thoughts?



EricLNZ wrote on 8/2/2022, 4:39 AM

Should I delete the old program and reinstall? Any Thoughts?

I don't know, but does VMS die when rendering CPU only?

TheSingingDrummer wrote on 8/2/2022, 6:45 AM

It doesn't even get that far. I just woke up and I was up pretty late getting the computer up and running,trying to find the second m.2 slot.... But from what I remember, I opened up an old project, resaved it as something else, selected where I wanted it to render, and just did render as. First with the same settings as my old computer, then going thru and specifying the video card (which did show up in the preferences tab under video)


TheSingingDrummer wrote on 8/2/2022, 10:28 PM

Movie Studio 15.0 Pltinum

Build 157

Machine is an HP Omen 25L

Model: GT15-0324

AMD Ryzen 7 5700G CPU

Nvidia 3060 TI GPU


I'm thinking that Movie Studio 15 just doesn't recognized the GPU?

I have deleted the program - deleted the registry and folder entries per and reinstalled the software straight from the Magix download.

As soon as I say 'Project>Render As', I IMMEDIATELY get a Problem Report screen that says 'Movie STudio Platinum has stopped working'. It is basically a bug report that I can send back to Magix - like they care - since I am stil on v15....

Well, I guess since I was going to make the migration over to Davinci Resolve anyway.... ;-(

But any thoughts would be appreciated !! Thanks