Sample Rate Conversion

RickZ wrote on 8/29/2007, 5:42 AM
For the past couple of years, I've been recording choral concerts with total of 6 channels using Vegas 4 with RME Multiface, at 24/96, using a notebook computer. At home I copy files(4 files - 2 stereo(L/R,Lsur/Rsur) and 2 mono, Center and LFE) to main computer to trim ends then render to stereo with Vegas 7e as IEEE 32bit float. Adjustment of relative levels of the 6 mics is the only audio change done in Vegas.

I then use SF 9 to apply Noise Reduction if needed, and some sort of limiting, compression, on the 32bit 96KHz file from Vegas.

It is from this point on that I have a question, ie what is best Sample Rate Conversion method ? I've tried letting SF9 handle the whole thing, just saving the edited file to 44.1/16bit PCA. Then bring them into CDA 5.2, and burn away. Also tried having SF9 save to same 32bit 96K format, then let r8brainPro do the SRC, and finally, bringing the 32/96 version to CDA 5.2, and let it do SRC.

I'm not having much success telling the difference. Do some types of music expose SRC problems more than others ?

I've read posts on's mastering forum, some there recommend r8brainPro, some the Weiss Engineering SARACON.

Anyone have any thoughts on this step in the process ?

Thanks and regards,
Rick Z


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