Sanp Selection to Event Edge acting funny

HPV wrote on 3/3/2004, 8:55 PM
I've found an odd behavior with the Sanp Selection to Event Edge feature (Ctrl/alt/arrows). The cursor ends up stalling when it shouldn't. It might be a lead into the cause of glitches people are seeing with black frames/ mixed fields between events/ random frames from other events. (Side note, I've only had the first two and that was only when media was added to the timeline via multi selection and the audio and video were different lenghts)
What's happening is between butted events you can ctrl/alt/arrow to an edge then you ctrl/alt/arrow again and the cursor doesn't move, the time display doesn't change and the video doesn't change. Both event edge triangles are dark blue. Zoom in and there is no gap or overlap. Generated media is an exact 9 seconds and 29 frames (See other post about gen. media bug). Ctrl/alt/arrow again and it does as it should and jumps to next event tail edge. This is with just one video track, generated media and no audio. I've also had it happen with dv media events.
I have sample projects showing this behavior develop from just snapping events together and also from doing a ripple edit. If you drag the left event tail edge back a few frames and then snap it back where it was the problem goes away. Dr. Dropout, let me know if you would like me to send you the sample projects.

Craig H.