Satish, about the frameserver and 24p.

donp wrote on 10/11/2004, 6:54 AM
I have frameserved a 24p timeline via the frameserver to Procoder 2 and set Procoder 2 to produce a 24p output for a Mastering NTSC m2v. After 22 seconds of rendering Procoder crashes. If I create a 24p mpg in Vegas (No Frameserver) the timeline renders fine. Does you frameserver handle 24p OK?. Procoder recognized the input signpost AVI as a 24p progressive avi.


erratic wrote on 10/11/2004, 9:15 AM
It's a ProCoder bug. You can read about it in the Canopus forum (login required). I'll quote the important stuff:

Briody wrote: I create my 23.976 content in Vegas. I output the file, trying both Quicktime and AVI.
Answer from Canopus_BH: We found the issue - it will be corrected in an update. It has to do with the Closed Caption pass-through, but that's not user-accessible for the MPEG target right now.
donp wrote on 10/11/2004, 7:07 PM
Thanks I posted there too but have not gone to check it yet. Didn't know about the bug in Procoder 2.
erratic wrote on 10/30/2004, 7:04 AM
It looks like this bug can be avoided by simply changing the Stream Format to Generic ISO MPEG stream in the target parameters.
I just tried it and ProCoder 2 didn't crash. If the stream format is DVD it crashes. Give it a try.