Save Markers not working /batch rendering/

jetdv wrote on 1/7/2008, 7:00 PM
Well I answered in the original post but it now gives me an error when trying to load that thread so I thought I'd try it again in a new thread. Here's the code changes necessary.

You would change:

RenderStatus status = myVegas.Render(filePath, renderItem.Template, start, length);

With the following:

RenderArgs args = new RenderArgs();
args.OutputFile = filePath;
args.RenderTemplate = renderItem.Template;
args.Start = start;
args.Length = length;
args.IncludeMarkers = true;
args.StretchToFill = false;

RenderStatus status = myVegas.Render(args);

You can set IncludeMarkers and StretchToFill to true or false as needed.


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