Saving a Project with a certain number of video and audio tracks

M-Miles wrote on 3/31/2020, 7:01 PM

When I open a project, I'd like Movie Studio to have a default number of video or audio tracks. Regardless of saving it as a "Window Layout", I always get the same tracks (Text, Picture in picture, Video, Audio, Music). For me, it just wastes a lot of space. Anyway to save a new default with a single video and audio track ?


Former user wrote on 3/31/2020, 9:08 PM

I don't think you can change the default, but you can save your own template and open that each time, change the name and continue on with your project.

M-Miles wrote on 3/31/2020, 10:59 PM

That's what I thought. Ever since Sony's Vegas Pro 3 it's been that way. Layout and making a default project with ready to go tracks appear not connected at all. Perhaps something like that most people don't want, but combined with a layout, it would be great for my application.