Scenalyzer Live

alfredsvideo wrote on 10/1/2003, 5:22 PM
Just a couple of questions guys. 1. I have always been in the habit of capturing a complete tape and probably will continue to do so. Would SCLive be of any benefit to me? 2. Slightly off topic: Does anyone have suggestions for a good Minidisc recorder. These little gadgets seem to be an ideal video accessory to have in certain circumstances. Thanks.


kentwolf wrote on 10/1/2003, 7:37 PM

It is an excellent capture program.

You can make indexes of you tape to retrieve just the clips you want. You can also review the indexes for the clip you want.

Also, which I find most helpful, SCLive will name the captured clip by the tape date/time code.

So, the actual clip may be called:

DV-08'20030516 20.23.57

(5/16/03, 8:23:57PM)

This is very, very helpful when organizing clips on the time linem, or if you want to add a date/text overlay.

It is a very good program and is well worth the $33.
riredale wrote on 10/1/2003, 7:38 PM
Do a search on ScenalyzerLive on this forum--lots of info.

I use it because it is able to name video clips with their timestamp. Works great.

I recently purchased a Sharp MiniDisc recorder (MD-MT15) via Ebay for $61. Great little unit, and from what I've read, it's much more flexible than a comparable Sony unit. Audio is very clean, with the noise floor down about -60db.
jetdv wrote on 10/1/2003, 9:59 PM
I use SCLive to capture 4-channel audio sections. I use Vidcap for everything else.
farss wrote on 10/2/2003, 9:18 AM
jetdv (or anyone else),
I know that DV can handle 4 channels of audio but I've yet to find anything that will record to the four channels. How did you get the 4-channel audio onto the tape in the first place?

I'm surprised that no one has seen fit to build a camera that supports recording to the four tracks simultaneously. Would seem a cheap way to record a poor mans surround sound track.

jetdv wrote on 10/2/2003, 9:34 AM
Canon XL-1 is what I use. Record the on-camera mic into Stereo 1 and my wireless into Stereo 2.

johnmeyer wrote on 10/2/2003, 11:40 AM
I sometimes put commentary on the second track (just using the audio dub feature on a standard, low-end NTSC Sony TRV-11 ). If I later want to use the tape and both audio channels, Scenalyzer Live is a must for the re-capture.